Portland Bujinkan

Striving for a just balance, night or day.

Bujinkan Dojo located in Portland Oregon.



Portland Bujinkan is a small dojo valuing its family feel, with its focus on traditional Koryu martial arts. Located in SE Portland, Oregon, we are looking for genuine students who want to learn a traditional martial art of the past in a modern age. 

Our students should set there sites  on personal improvement; developing the skill, spirit and ultimately the heart of a warrior. This is not a sport dojo, therefor there is no competition. Training aims to develop ones ability to protect themselves and others using their natural movement.
Be ready to explore a variety of philosophies, weapons, and tools ranging from sword to rope with the emphasis not on the particular tool in hand but rather the body movement behind them.  Portland Bujinkan training is based on the feeling and structure of the 9 Ryuha (the 9 schools/flows/lineages of the Bujinkan), encouraging  individuality and the evolution of ones own unique movement.  

Portland Bujinkan instructor Justin Giacomazzi is in his 12th year with the Bujinkan and travels to Japan yearly to stay current with the themes. He is a licensed Shidoshi and a part of the Shidoshi Kai instructor organization.  Justin trains under Mark Vandehey of Pacific Bujinkan in Albany. 

If you would like more information and details about training please use the contact link, or email portlandbujinkan@gmail.com


The Bujinkan is an international organization created by Hatsumi Sensei to showcase and teach Ninpo and the Nine Ryuha he inherited from his teacher, Takamatsu Sensei.






SE Portland, OR • portlandbujinkan@gmail.com